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Connection at Oxford | Treating yourself on Valentine's Day!

During Valentine’s season we are always focusing on everyone else and their needs, but we want you to remember that the most important person is yourself! We have tips and tricks on how to love and take care of yourself first this Valentine’s day.

  1. Water, Water, Water- Water helps hydrate the body and keeps the blood pressure level down. It is the most important of your daily habits. You should drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
  2. Exercise-  Helps boost your metabolism and gives the body a lot of energy. Exercise helps keeps the body regulated and increases your chances of a healthy life.
  3. Food choices- There are a lot of food choices out there to pick form. Some of the more popular ones are yogurt, gains, veggie and lots of protein. Incorporating the right number of portions in your diet will help maintain your weight and promote weight loss.  
  4. Exfoliate-  There are many things that are good for the skin and exfoliate is one of them. Exfoliate helps to make your skin look fresh and healthy.
  5. Pampering yourself-  It’s very easy to forget about yourself when you have a full schedule. So, this Valentine’s Day we want you to take a couple hours out of your day to pamper yourself rather that’s getting massage, facial or just doing something that makes you feel good.
  6. Being Happy- This just means for you to do something that makes you happy weather that’s going shopping, spending time with family and friends. It could your favorite hobbies, watching your favorite movies and television shows.
  7. Me time- Just means taking time for yourself weather that might be going to the movies, or staying in relaxing. Me time allows you to reflect on yourself and get things done. With school everything else that you might have going me time lets you escape for that moment to really see how you feel about things that might be going on in your life.
  8. Journaling- Is a way for you to collect your thoughts to figure out decision that might be overwhelming. It is also a healthy outlet in which you can express yourself. It is also said that journaling is a way to get rid of stress and manage anxiety.